Summary data

2019 1H results

Data refer to Gruppo Cassa Centrale Banca - Credito Cooperativo Italiano.

Net Income 159 millions
Direct inflows from customers  54.4 billion
Net loans to customers 40.1 billion
Net doubtful loans on loans 5.7%
Own funds 6.7 billion
CET1 ratio 19.63%
TCR ratio 19.70%



Data refer to Cassa Centrale Banca, Subsidiaries and Associates.

Income statement 31.12.2018
Net interest income 27
Net commissions 77
Operating income 122
Profit for the year 101

Data in millions of euros

Financial statements 31.12.2018
Loans to customers 2,400
Total assets 7,114
Due to customers 2,680
Shareholders' equity 1,150

Data in millions of euros

Key Ratios 31.12.2018
Profitability ratios
Return on Equity 9.2%
Return on Assets 1.4%
Structural ratios
Loans to customers / Total assets 16.6%
Shareholders' equity / Total assets 16.8%
Risk ratios
Net bad debts / Loans to customers 1.5%
Write-down of NPLs / Gross NPLs 78.3%
Write-down of performing loans / Gross performing loans 1.11%
Equity ratios
CET1 ratio 49.5%
Tier1 ratio 49.5%
Total capital ratio 49.5%
Other Group ratios
Management of third-party portfolios 5,526
Number of employees 740
Financial Statements and Reports
Download the Financial Statements of Gruppo Cassa Centrale.
Download the Financial Statements of Gruppo Cassa Centrale.