Summary data

FY 2019 consolidated results for the Group

Income statement    31.12.2019
Net interest margin 1,179
Net fee and commision income 644
Operating income 2,003
Net income 225

KPIs (€m)

Balance sheet 31.12.2019
Loans to customers 59,393
Total Assets 72,805
Due to customers 50,055
Group's equity 6,480

KPIs (€m)

Key Ratios 31.12.2019
Profitability ratios   
Return on Equity 3.5%
Return on Assets 0.3%
Cost/Income ratio 68.6%
Structural ratios   
Loans to customers / Total Assets* 56.6%
Equity / Total Assets 8.9%
Risk management ratios
NPL Ratio 9.3%
NPL Coverage ratio 55.0%
Cost of Risk (bps) 76
Capital ratios
CET1 ratio 19.7%
Tier1 ratio 19.7%
Total capital ratio 19.8%
Texas ratio 47.5%
Other KPIs
Third party AUM 10,506
Net loans to customers 41,230
Direct funding 56,669
FTEs 11,281

* Loans to customers include loans and advances to customers at amortised cost and fair value, thus differing from the exposures to customers shown in the financial statement

With letter dated November 25, 2019, the European Central Bank (“ECB”) has communicated the consolidated SREP requirements binding on the Gruppo Cassa Centrale (“the Group”) with effect from January 1, 2020.          
In particular, the Group needs to comply, on a consolidated basis, with an overall SREP requirement of 10.25%, which includes an additional second pillar capital requirement (P2R) of 2.25% to be held entirely through CET1 instruments.

Finally, the European Central Bank expects the CCB Group to follow, on a consolidated basis, the Pillar 2 Guidance that sets a further capital buffer of 1% to be satisfied through Tier 1 capital and held in addition to the overall capital requirements.

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