POS e-commerce

Virtual Pay, la soluzione di Allitude per l’e-commerce

Virtual Pay is the Allitude Virtual POS solution that accepts secure payments on e-commerce websites, in compliance with the very highest security standards.

It accepts transactions on Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners circuits.

It also receives payments from MyBank, the solution for collecting cash via instant and irrevocable bank transfer. The “Payment via secure link” service accepts payments for orders placed by customers via email, over the phone and, in any case, outside the cart of the e-commerce website. In addition, the “one-click-pay” option makes it possible to store the data of cardholders for faster payments on e-commerce sites and for recurring payments in case of periodically billed services.

Advertising message for promotional purposes. Please refer to the information available at the branches of the issuing bank for the contractual conditions of the product.


XPay, the e-commerce solution by Nexi

The Nexi payment gateway XPay is the e-commerce solution that accepts online payments via all channels and methods: e-commerce, mobile transactions, recurring payments, one-click payments, one-tap payments and much more.

XPay is the Nexi system that accepts any type of online payment:

  • Bespoke: can be completely customized and integrated into any e-commerce website.
  • Global: accepts payments from all over the world on the main international circuits, as well as alternative payment systems.
  • Advanced: easily configurable with the main e-commerce platforms thanks to plug-ins and dedicated support. Practical back-office services that can be integrated with all management systems.
  • Multichannel: an intuitive payment system, optimized for all channels and devices.


Advertising message for promotional purposes. Please refer to the information available at partner banks and on the website www.nexi.it for the contractual conditions.