Corporate Structure


The other companies of the Banking Group are controlled by this Parent Company. 
It is responsible for the management, control and coordination of activities. 
It has been operating a second-tier bank since 1974, providing support and impetus for the activities of its member Coopeative Credit and Rural Banks and customers.

Centrale Trading provides technical support to the cooperative credit banks that distribute the Directa SIM online trading service. 

Centrale Credit & Real Estate Solutions assists banks with business consultancy in the special corporate finance sector, acting as advisor and coordinating the banks involved in the sales process.

Centrale Soluzioni Immobiliari manages the real estate assets of the Group, with the objective of protecting the real value of properties to cover the non-performing loans disbursed by the Cassa Centrale Banca Group, in particular through intervention in foreclosures (“auctions”).  

NEAM S.A (Nord Est Asset Management S.A) is the company that manages NEF, a multimanager and umbrella mutual investment fund incorporated under Luxembourg law.

Phoenix Informatica Bancaria creates products and provides services to Cooperative Credit and Rural Banks, along with their customers.

Informatica Bancaria Trentina deals with the development and marketing of the Gesbank banking information system.

Assicura Group supplies insurance products and brokerage services to distributing banks.

CESVE SpA Consortile offers organisational, operational, administrative and marketing services to support banks and their customers. 

C.S.D. (Centro Servizi Direzionali) provides financial and administrative management, accounting and data processing services in outsourcing. 

Servizi Bancari Associati offers IT solutions in full outsourcing for the Cooperative Credit banking system.

Claris Leasing offers leasing transactions for capital goods, real estate and pleasure craft.

The company, born in January 2020 from the union of 8 IT and administrative companies, specializes in IT outsourcing and back-office services for banking.

Centrale Casa is a real estate brokerage agency that operates in the field of real estate sales and consultancy.