Corporate Structure


Centrale Trading provides technical assistance to Cooperative Credit Banks distributing Directa SIM on-line trading services.


Servizi e Finanza FVG develops suitable solutions for the marketing and creation of highly technological, innovative services for the management of payment systems and tools, also on behalf of third parties including but not limited to brokers.

Centrale Credit Solutions assists the banks in offering consultancy to businesses in extraordinary business finance, operating as advisors and coordinating the banks involved in the sales process.

Claris Leasing offers lease transactions on instrumental assets, real estate and boats.

Claris Rent (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Claris Leasing) is a company that provides long-term rental services for the mobility and operating lease of capital goods.

This company, which was established on 1st January 2020 from the union of 8 operating companies involved in IT and administrative services, is specialised in IT and back-office outsourcing activities for the banking industry.

Assicura Agenzia and Assicura Broker supplie insurance products and brokering services to the distributing banks.

NEAM S.A (Nord Est Asset Management S.A) is the company that manages NEF, a multi-manager, multi-segment Luxembourgian mutual investment fund.


Prestipay meets the financial needs of families and customers of the Cooperative Credit Banks, Rural Banks and Raiffeisen belonging to the Cassa Centrale Group.

Centrale Soluzioni Immobiliari manages the Group’s instrumental real estate activities, aiming to defend the real value of properties guaranteeing the non-performing loans disbursed by the Cassa Centrale Banca Group, in particular through intervening in enforcement procedures (or “auctions”).