Cooperative. Sustainable. Responsible

We are a Cooperative Banking Group, a partner to people, businesses and the local areas, operating in the name of our values.


By Nature

by nature

Heirs to a history that has been a factor in the development of communities for over 100 years, we believe that it is possible to operate in a spirit of collaboration and solidarity, combining efficiency and cooperation, reciprocity and profitability, coordination and autonomy. Our status as a Cooperative Banking Group specifically reflects the principles of mutual credit co-operation and reinforces their implementation in our daily operations.

Partners to People and Communities

We want to bank as we have always done, in a way that is faithful to ourselves and to our history.

Our mission is to make a tangible contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of local Communities, promoting the well-being of our Customers, Shareholders and the Areas in which we operate. By leveraging the Banks’ local roots the and through constant dialogue and discussion with stakeholders, the Group’s structure creates the ideal conditions for operating in the best possible way in the service of the local Communities and Areas.

Cooperation, Reciprocity, Locally focussed: these have always been our principles.

Business Model

We are a network of local, cooperative and mutual Banks, organised into a modern Banking Group.

It is a model that is self-sustaining and creates shared benefits, making the most of differences and local identity.

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Economic, social and cultural development of local communities

The Group contributes to the development of the economic, intellectual and social heritage of each country and Community in which it operates.
By means of donations and sponsorships, the Group also supports and promotes initiatives of a humanitarian, solidarity, cultural and sporting nature aimed at supporting and developing Communities.

≥ 95%
Social loans granted for the area of activity of each Bank
more than
of risk assets in favour of Shareholders
of profits allocated to mutual funds for the promotion and development of cooperation
Social and welfare activities
  • Assistance, solidarity and voluntary work initiatives
  • Support for health
  • Support for Civil Protection
  • Emergency situations
  • Solidarity with Developing Countries
Culture, training and research
  • Support for events for the promotion of culture and art
  • Provision of scholarships
  • Grants for schools and training activities
  • Support for scientific research
Promoting the local area
  • Initiatives for Shareholders
  • Religious activities
  • Support for bodies for the promotion, maintenance and development of tourism and the Local Area
  • Renovation of buildings of public interest
Sport, leisure and recreation
  • Support for sport and sports associations
  • Organisation of events, shows and festivals
  • Support for recreational activities
From inception

from inception

We are a network of Banks formed by people who work for their Community.
Like those same people, our aim is to create wealth that we can pass on to the next generation. A goal that can only be achieved as part of a sustainable way of operating.

Our values

The values on which the Cooperative Credit is founded and which form the basis of our actions are fully consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals defined by UN Agenda 2030.

  • Promoting the improvement of ethical, cultural and economic conditions
  • Promoting education about social welfare
  • Promoting the development of cooperation and education about savings
  • Promoting social cohesion
  • Promoting responsible and sustainable growth

The charter of values

The charter of values of cooperative credit and agenda 2030

The Charter of Values of Cooperative Credit, issued in 1999, sets forth the values on which the activities of Cooperative Credit Banks are based, their strategy and their business practices; it contains the rules of conduct and reflects the commitments of the sector.

In this sense, the Charter of Values is the seal of the Pact between Cooperative Credit Banks and the local Communities and, through them, with the Country.


The activities of Cooperative Credit are inspired by the attention to and promotion of the individual.
Cooperative Credit is a network of banks made up of people who work for people.
Cooperative Credit invests in human capital – consisting of shareholders, customers and partners – permanently enhancing it.


The commitment of Cooperative Credit focuses, in particular, on satisfying the financial needs of its shareholders and customers, seeking continuous improvement in the quality and value of the products and services offered.
The Cooperative Credit’s aim is to produce benefits and advantages, to create economic, social and cultural value for the benefit of its shareholders and the local community and to “build” trust.
The style of service, the in-depth knowledge of the local area, the excellence of the relationship with shareholders and customers, the supportive approach, and the attention paid to standards of professionalism are a constant motivation for those who manage Cooperative Credit banks and for those who work in them.


Autonomy is one of the fundamental principles of Cooperative Credit. This principle is vital and beneficial only if coordinated, connected and integrated into the Cooperative Credit “system”..


Internally, Cooperative Credit promotes the involvement, in particular that of its shareholders, in the life of the cooperative.
Cooperative Credit promotes the involvement of local people in business life, favouring families and small enterprises; it promotes access to credit, and contributes to ensuring equal opportunities.


The cooperative style is the secret to success. The joining of forces, teamwork, and fair sharing of objectives is the future of Cooperative Credit. Cooperation between cooperative banks through local, regional, national and international structures is a condition for preserving their autonomy and improving their service to shareholders and customers.


Cooperative Credit is non profit-making.
The achievement of a fair outturn, and not the distribution of profit, is the goal that guides the management of Cooperative Credit. The operating profit is a means for pursuing the promotion of the well-being of the Shareholders and of the local areas served by Cooperative Credit.
It is also evidence of entrepreneurial capacity and a measure of organisational efficiency, as well as an essential condition for the self-financing and development of each cooperative bank.
Cooperative Credit will continue to allocate these profits to consolidate its reserves – to an extent at least equal to that required by law – and to other socially useful activities agreed by the Shareholders.
The accumulated capital is a precious asset to be preserved and defended out of respect for the founders and in the interests of future generations.
Cooperative Credit Shareholders may, in whatever way is most appropriate, obtain benefits proportional to the financial activity that they have individually carried out with their cooperative bank.


Cooperative Credit is linked to the local community and expresses this by means of a lasting alliance for development.
It promotes the well-being of the local community and its economic, social and cultural development both through its lending activities and through the allocation each year of a portion of its operating profits. Cooperative Credit’s entrepreneurial activity is carried out in a way that is “socially responsible”, rather than being purely financially orientated, and in the pursuit of a fair economy.


Cooperative Credit is committed to fostering the development of the skills and professionalism of its directors, managers and employees and the growth and dissemination of an economic, social and ethical culture among its shareholders and local communities.


Cooperative Credit Shareholders undertake on their honour to contribute to the development of the bank by working intensively with it, promoting its spirit and commitment within the local community and setting a clear example of democratic control, equal rights, fairness and solidarity among the members of society.
True to the spirit of the founders, shareholders believe in and adhere to a code of ethics based on honesty, transparency, social responsibility and altruism.


Cooperative Credit Directors undertake on their honour to participate in decision-making conscientiously and independently, to create economic and social value for the shareholders and the community, to devote the necessary time to this task, and to personally keep up their professional qualification and ongoing education.


Cooperative Credit Employees undertake on their honour to cultivate their inter-personal skills with a focus on recognising the individuality of each person and to devote intelligence, qualified commitment and time to their ongoing education and a cooperative spirit to the achievement of the financial and corporate objectives of the bank for which they work.


Cooperative Credit believes in young people and endorses their active participation in its process of innovation. Through constant dialogue, it is committed to working with them, supporting them in the dissemination and implementation of cooperative credit principles.

Materiality Matrix

Creation of value and business sustainability

The creation of economic value that is sustainable over time and for the benefit of the Local Area is one of our main objectives: it is an essential condition for redistributing the wealth generated among Shareholders, Customers, Employees and all stakeholders and for adequately supporting business investments and Community development.

By vocation

by vocation

We have always lived in the Communities and Local Areas in which we operate, alongside the people who live there.
We pursue the growth and well-being of our Communities through a sustainable way of operating and common values to be passed on to future generations.


They are our most important asset: we take care of our Employees because we know that creating a healthy and positive working environment is one of the basic requirements for managing our business responsibly.

more than 11,700
Average age
Respect for the environment

Environmental protection is one of the cornerstones of our strategy.

This is why we take all necessary measures to reduce our environmental impact and strive to raise awareness among all stakeholders, promoting environmentally friendly actions and behaviour that comply with applicable environmental regulations and laws.


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Responsible lending and finance

Our commitment to promoting a responsible and sustainable culture also impacts our offering, with the implementation of specific commercial and training initiatives aimed at increasing Customers’ focus on investment instruments that integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into financial products and processes.


What we are doing

Il Gruppo Cassa Centrale vicino a Caritas Italiana

Uniti per contrastare le situazioni di disagio e fragilità.


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Sustainability governance
Risk and Sustainability Committee

Among other things, the Committee has the task of assisting the Board of Directors with preliminary proposal and advisory functions in relation to assessments and decisions concerning sustainability.


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ESG Policies
ESG Policies
Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics
Sustainability-related disclosure in the financial services sector
Financial Services Sustainability-Related Disclosures
ABI’s “Words of Sustainability" podcasts
ABI’s “Parole di Sostenibilità” (“Words of Sustainability”) podcasts

2022 Consolidated Non-Financial Statement

We are 11,700 people who want to improve the service provided to each Customer, with the aim of finding together the most suitable solutions and to disseminate the economic culture in our local Communities.


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2023-2026 Sustainability Plan

The 2023-2026 Sustainability Plan gives us the opportunity to enhance, affirm and emphasize what it means to be a Cooperative Banking Group, preserving and improving our attention to the local territory that has always set us apart.


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Gruppo Cassa Centrale participates in the United Nations Global Compact and adheres to its principles-based approach for a sustainable global economy.

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In April 2024, Cassa Centrale Banca received an ESG Risk Rating of 17.3 and was assessed by Morningstar Sustainalytics as at low risk of being significantly financially impacted by ESG factors.
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