Our People

United by principles, inspired by values
We are a community of people who love the same words.

Solidarity, participation, honesty, respect for the local communities, care for people. 

These are the ideas we all place at the centre of what we do.
Together, we are our own principles and values.

We are over 450 thousand people who share the same principles and values, members and customers of the banks that form the Group..

The banks that represent us, support the local communities we belong to, live and love the territory we all are part of.

We are here to serve the Group.

Guided by the same principles and values, our main task is to make decisions with the aim of creating economic and social value for members and the community.

Every day, we endeavour to make the goals of the Group.

We are more than 11 thousand people who wish to improve the services offered to each customer with the aim of finding the most suitable solutions together, spreading economic culture in our local community.