Graphometric AES

It is the most authentic signature in digital form too


The Graphometric Advanced Electronic Signature (Graphometric AES) is a way of signing that lets Clients sign documents on a tablet and undertake numerous transactions in the branch without needing to sign printed forms.

Its use is environmentally-friendly and simple. Besides being convenient, the system enables time and paper to be saved.

Clients view the transaction data on the tablet and sign in their own hand, directly on the screen, using an “electronic pen”.

Consultation of signed documents and accounting records of transactions will take place directly on Inbank.

Of course, Clients always have the possibility of operating in the traditional way or receiving a printed copy of the transaction they signed on the tablet.

The Graphometric AES complies with advanced electronic signature processes created on the basis of the provisions of the Digital Administration Code and the other laws in force. For further information this section includes documentation describing the service.