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A cooperative Banking Group.

We are a large Group present throughout Italy, thanks to our network of 71 local banks.  

Among the top banking groups in Italy, but first in terms of mutual trust, solidarity and collaborative spirit.





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More than a job

With us, you can promote the wellbeing of people and the areas we operate in, contributing to the common good and creating value to pass down to future generations.


Challenge is an integral part of the Cooperative Credit reform and our new identity as a Banking Group.

It is an historic challenge, never faced before: a large number of local banks harmonised in the structure of a single Banking Group, while remaining independent.

With us, you can take part of this challenge.

Smooth organisation
Smooth organisation

We are committed to building the new face of Cooperative Credit together and for this reason we are seeking talents who believe in the values of collaboration and sharing, distinctive features of the organisation we wish to be.

A valuable team
A valuable team

We are many, but we rely on the contribution of everyone. Each collaborator is important to us, because we believe that every individual has potential to discover and make the most of.

In fact, professional experiences, backgrounds and curriculum are the basis for building valuable teams that know how to make a difference.

Career Fair 2020
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#CassaCentraleGroup at #CareerFair2020 - University of Trento: we introduced ourselves, because we have changed a lot!

We talked about the Banking Group and discussed the new challenging role of the #CassaCentraleBanca headquarters, taking a deep dive into the Finance Department—which has long been offering professional opportunities to several new graduates from the University of Trento—and  #Allitude, the Group's IT company. We explained you how we like to work, how you can join us, and what our #Recruitingprocess is. But there is much more...

If you missed this opportunity to get to know us, introduce yourself.

We are in Trento.


“The Coronavirus pandemic has not slowed down the Career Fair, the annual fair held by University of Trento to match employers with young individuals looking for a company to intern for and a job consistent with their studies,” writes the University of Trento with respect to the event held on 27 May 2020 with a format fitting for our social distancing times, i.e. entirely online.

We took part also in this year's edition of the Career Fair to introduce the new Co-operative Banking Group, the Parent Cassa Centrale after which it is named, and Allitude, the Group's IT company.

The message we wanted to get across is that today, including in our beloved Trentino, a new graduate can start down a career path in financial and IT services and experience working at a company that is one of Italy's top 10 banking players, without having to choose between their career and quality of life.

In Trento, Cassa Centrale Banca has undergone a structural change and is now the headquarters of a Group comprised of as much as 79 Co-operative Banks, Rural Banks, and Raiffeisenkassen, providing guidance, coordination and control.

This means it is a completely different organisation, not to be confused with the lenders that comprise it.

At this stage, we like to think of ourselves as a start-up where new services and areas spring up in just a few months, supporting a constantly evolving business process. Therefore, we need to recruit highly specialised individuals with disruptive skills and, most importantly, a willingness to get their hands dirty to change together.

This is why we believe that introducing ourselves to students at the University of Trento represents a fantastic opportunity for us as well as them: we are both looking for a fresh perspective!

During the Career Fair, we presented you our Recruiting process: Arianna Pilati, the Parent Company's HR Recruiter, showed how we recruit new hires—a process during which we want to give all our attention to the applicant by doing a comprehensive deep dive into both personal (soft skills, personality,...) and technical aspects, combining specialist job interviews with managers with the fact-finding analysis conducted by human resources.

Over the last 3 years, we have dramatically changed the composition of our workforce: to date, half of our employees come from outside the region— a very diverse group!

Marco Carlin, Finance Area Manager, briefly outlined the Parent's core business operations with respect to Cash Management, Banking Books, and Trading in financial instruments, subsequently focused on Wealth Management, Mutual Funds, and Pension Funds as well as the relevant marketing efforts, and discussed the investment and exposure monitoring process—providing students with a concrete example of some of the work conducted at Cassa Centrale Banca.

Allitude, the Group's Information Technology company, is also based in Trento and currently represents the synergy between merged entities specialised in IT outsourcing and back-office services for the banking industry. The Manager Silvia Badinelli took a deep dive into several projects, ranging from those related to the proprietary banking IT system to e-money and technological projects, as well as the new work plans for the Digital Bank.

We started out just over a year ago and there is still a lot to flesh out in the new Banking Group. Now more than ever, Cassa Centrale Banca and Allitude are interested in and open to new knowledge and expertise relevant to the business, with the desire to explore as well as build a model of a Robust and Co-operative group that is close to local communities—that is Ours.

What better place to start than the University that is closest to us?

Do not wait! Introduce yourself; upload your CV to our platform  and apply at the link dedicated to the 2020 Career Fair: 2020 CAREER FAIR Final-Year Students and New Graduates to work with us.

Our online presentation will be available shortly on the website of the University of Trento's Career Fair. Look for the profile of Cassa Centrale Co-operative Banking Group:



The Cassa Centrale Group participated to the University of Trento annual fair, bringing together labour market and young people, looking for internships and workplaces consistent with their studies.


A day spent together with young people who want to become part of a dynamic and rapidly growing reality, with offices located across Italy.

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