Our model

Cooperative by nature
Cooperative Credit is in our nature. An inheritance that shapes our way of banking.
A unique and original model
We rely on an essential competitive advantage: our people.

Because we are a system that creates value, redistributing it locally across generations.

A self-sustaining system that creates widespread wellbeing.

We are a system of local and independent cooperative banks, organised in a modern Banking Group


Independence Central coordination
Competitiveness, efficiency and the constant development of an offer that meets market needs Engagement and active participation
decisions and strategic initiatives with the widest representation of all parties Unified and effective administration management and control systems
Constant and balanced monitoring of strategic decisions and management balance Representative of different regions


Competitive advantages


Bank Sharing


A bank that acts as a reference in its own territory to aggregate people and companies in an innovative way: the benefit of those who participate becomes value for the local community and for the Bank itself.

Bank Ecosystem


A bank deeply immersed in its local territory, in line with its peculiarities: the community, the companies, the work of the people and the bank itself feed each other to manage change and to grow together.
A modern and circular outlook
We know how to give importance and value to every element that joins us

Today the Circular Economy is being rediscovered, the same that we have been practicing for a lifetime.

Shared rules
The cornerstone of a Group that creates value thanks to the diversity and differences of its components.

The shared set of rules approved by each bank allows us to have streamlined, rapid and efficient decision-making mechanisms that always take into account the identity and specific features of each local context.

group pillars

  • Independence

  • Unity

  • Cooperation

  • Democracy

  • Mutuality

  • Subsidiarity

  • Support

  • Efficiency

  • Local roots

  • Transparency and reciprocity

Natural Capital

We are aware that our business has an impact on the natural environment we live in. This is why we aim to give back to our surroundings, through our initiatives that protect and safeguard environmental resources.

We promote a sustainable, responsible and respectful economy, which focuses today on the management of the earth’s ecosystem in the medium and long term.

Social and Reputational Capital

The heart of our model and most distinctive feature. We work alongside local communities, accompanying and investing in the same because we consider their cohesive and harmonious growth a source of progress.

All of our relationships are based on mutual trust, inclusion and sharing. We appreciate long-term relationships that span multiple generations, remaining true to our commitments. We are cooperative by nature.

Intellectual Capital

Innovation and knowledge of new trends and technologies guarantee products and services in line with what the market has to offer and meet needs that are changing over time.

We use clear, direct and effective communication, since we consider transparency the cornerstone of any ethical bank. We invest in our name and our brand, so they can be recognised and create value for the entire Group and all of our members. We want to remain a bank to be proud of.

Human Capital

We would not exist without our people. Far from being a slogan, this fact is a reality: our Group relies on its people, who bring to the system the skills, motivation, passion and attention that distinguish our every relationship.

We strongly believe in the importance of both professional and personal growth, as individuals and member of the community, and we contribute to the economic, moral and social development of all employees.

Productive Capital

We have offices and branches located across Italy. Widespread and far-reaching, our banks represent the Group and our closeness to each member and customer.

We are committed to making every branch a pleasant, refined and harmonious place, where aesthetics meet ethics, contributing to the development of towns and the architectural and cultural heritage characteristic of Italy.

Financial Capital

Inherent in our business, financial capital characterises the operations of each bank.

The financial capital we generate through our activities is used to guarantee our customers’ investments and support their businesses. What’s more, we reinvest the financial capital generated in the local areas and communities we operate in, sustaining a virtuous circle for growth and progress.