Asset Management

Asset Management

In order to find their way through the world of finance, which is constantly evolving and in which new opportunities arise day by day, an increasing number of investors rely on asset management services offered by professionals in the sector. Asset management is a form of investment which lets the saver entrust their wealth to a manager, delegating to them the choice of the financial instruments to invest in and the execution of the relevant transactions. The definition of the portfolio is based on careful analyses of the markets and close risk control.

Thanks to its professionalism and experience, Cassa Centrale Banca provides investors with a wide range of solutions diversified by asset class, geographic area and market. 

Service quality is guaranteed by the prestigious international certification of compliance with GIPS Standards, certifying the entire investment process, methodologies and performance calculations.



Asset Management
Invest clearly and transparently
Gestioni Patrimoniali - Investi in modo chiaro e trasparente

Advertising message for promotional purposes. It does not constitute an offer or invitation to conclude a contract for the provision of the portfolio management service. GP Benchmark, GP Quantitative and GP Private are investment services provided by Cassa Centrale Banca Credito Cooperativo Italiano Spa. The complete information and contractual conditions are available at the headquarters of Cassa Centrale Banca and the branches of the banks that market the service.