2021-2024 Sustainability Plan

Our path to Sustainability

The 2021-2024 Sustainability Plan gives us the opportunity to enhance, affirm and emphasize what it means to be a Cooperative Banking Group, preserving and improving our attention to the local territory that has always set us apart.

Aware of how important it is to pursue sustainable development and guided by the Cooperative spirit we are known for, our main objective is to guarantee the transition of all the Communities and Territories we operate in towards economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Our contribution to sustainable development

Key areas and issues


Governance and sustainable business development

We undertake to define a governance system based on the principles of ethics, integrity, sustainability and good conduct.

  • Ethics and integrity in business management
  • Value creation and business sustainability
  • Responsible credit policies and offer of socio-environmental products / services
  • Corporate governance and decision making


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We undertake to guarantee a work environment characterized by reciprocal trust, solidarity and active collaboration.

  • Staff training, development and enhancement
  • Wellbeing, work-life balance and corporate welfare


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Communities, Members and Customers

Our connection and our commitment to Communities, Members and Customers underlie our daily actions, guided by professional and responsible conduct.

  • Support for Communities and the third sector
  • Support for business owners and families
  • Quality of service, listening and customer satisfaction
  • External relations and managing Member relations
  • Operations rooted in the local territory

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Careful of our environmental footprint, we actively promote sustainable solutions.

  • Management and reduction of environmental impacts


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