Anfir and Cassa Centrale Banca: the priority is development of local businesses

An agreement aimed at strengthening the commitment between the Cassa Centrale Group and Regional Financial Companies to further facilitate access to credit for SMEs through efficient use of public incentive tools.

Trento, 9 April 2024 A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between ANFIR, the National Association of Regional Financial Companies, chaired by Michele Vietti, and the Cassa Centrale Group, with the aim of strengthening their existing partnership in Italy.

The banks affiliated with the Cassa Centrale Group operate in support of microenterprises and SMEs by promoting and enhancing, through existing agreements, the various initiatives developed in their areas by Regional Financial Companies.

The initiative is part of the recent reform of public incentives for businesses with the aim of standardizing existing forms of aid. Specific products will be identified which respond to the needs of local enterprises and act in synergy with the instruments managed by individual financial companies using public and own funds, encouraging further collaboration between ANFIR and the Cassa Centrale Group while strengthening and integrating their respective operational capabilities in support of the development of enterprise.

The focus will be on training in subsidized business financing instruments for potential beneficiaries, with a view to continuously improving their competitiveness.

“An important partnership has been sealed with today's signature," declared Michele Vietti, President of ANFIR, "optimizing the roles of Cassa Centrale and our Association in support of outstanding local enterprises which are sometimes penalized by their small size.”

“We are very satisfied with the signature of this agreement," stated Sandro Bolognesi, CEO of Cassa Centrale Banca, "which will allow us to enhance the partnerships already in place in many parts of the country, simplifying the membership process and the conveyance of information, with a view to promoting access to credit -  also subsidized - by the microenterprises and SMEs who are our members and customers."