DBRS Morningstar confirms Cassa Centrale Banca’s ‘Investment Grade’ BBB (low) rating

DBRS Morningstar confirms Cassa Centrale Banca’s ‘Investment Grade’ BBB (low) rating

The rating agency has confirmed the “investment grade” Issuer rating of "BBB (Low)" with a “stable” outlook given the ample liquidity buffers, solid capitalization and stable funding. Improvements in the Group’s structure and risk profile were also positively assessed.

Trento, 02.02.2023 – Following its annual evaluation process, DBRS Morningstar has maintained a "BBB (Low)" rating with a "stable" outlook for Cassa Centrale Banca, thus confirming the issuer and its senior debt in the 'Investment Grade' category, which includes the securities of the highest quality issued by companies with positive management and favourable development prospects.

The assessment takes into account the central role played by the Parent Company Cassa Centrale Banca within the second largest Italian Cooperative Banking Group. The key strengths identified are the high levels of liquidity, solid capitalization and adequate funding. Progress was also recognized in streamlining the Group's overall structure and improving asset quality.

Further, due to its solid financial results, large capital buffers and very high coverage levels, DBRS also maintains the view that Cassa Centrale Banca is perfectly equipped to cope with the uncertainties of the current macroeconomic scenario, which is characterized by restrictive monetary policies, high inflation and timid growth.

Below is a summary of all the ratings assigned by DBRS:

Long-Term Issuer Rating 

BBB (low) 

Long-Term Senior Debt 

BBB (low) 

Long-Term Deposits 


Short-Term Issuer Rating 

R-2 (middle) 

Short-Term Debt 

R-2 (middle) 

Short-Term Deposits 

R-2 (high)