Insurance products


Assicura Agenzia, the company controlled by Cassa Centrale Banca that defines and develops bank insurance products, offers concrete solutions to meet specific protection and risk management needs, as well as the social security and the savings needs of family and small and medium enterprises.

This activity is flanked by the services offered by Assicura Broker, the company specialized in risk consultancy and management that requires the identification of tailored solutions with targeted professionalism, capable of seeking the most suitable coverage for specific needs on the entire insurance market. national and international and, overall, to ensure the correct application of insurance policies in the event of a claim.

Bank insurance products are developed as a result of in-depth analyses of the solutions available on the market in order to identify the best conditions both in terms of guarantees offered (regulated in a clear and transparent way) and in terms of costs.

Bancassicurazione solutions
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