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Inbank trading

Inbank trading allows you to manage your investments in total freedom and to carry out analyzes according to your needs. Operate on the markets and check the performance of your portfolio when, where and how you want.
Easy access to manage your portfolio, trade the markets, renew your investment strategy, check your order history and view your profit and loss.

The new web interface of Inbank trading

The dashboard of the Investments section of Inbank web has been completely redesigned to immediately show you all the main information on the financial markets, such as the trend of the most important indices, the latest news from the Stock Exchange and the trend of currencies and commodities.
Accessing information is now even faster.
You can reach the in-depth pages through the menu located at the top or the contextual quick access links.
Watch the tutorial and find out what you can do: click here


With Inbank trading you have several advanced options for temporal visualization and graphical and technical analysis to meet all your needs. The options are many and detailed, but the interface is fast and intuitive. Watch the tutorial and find out what you can do: click here

The following video tutorials are also available:

  • Inbank trading financial instrument sheet on the web - click here
  • Place an order with Inbank trading on the web - click here
  • View the best and worst stocks in Inbank trading's global indices on the web - click here
  • Place a conditional order with Inbank trading on the web - click here
  • Search for a stock with Inbank trading on the web - click here
  • Create an alert with Inbank trading on the web - click here
  • Equita SIM stock research in Inbank trading on the web - click here


Discover more

Directa SIM

Directa Sim is the pioneer in online trading in Italy and one of the leading brokers in the world. Founded in 1995, it was set up to enable private investors to operate directly on finance markets and has changed forever the history of investment in Italy. Today, with over 68,000 accounts, Directa’s mission is to offer everyone the freedom to invest autonomously through an accessible technology.
It is easy and transparent to use: for every transaction Directa provides the securities note with the relevant track record; for each completed order it immediately recalculates the fiscal position and updates the daily performance; your cash balance always remains on a dedicated account at the bank and you can request its transfer at any time to your ordinary current account.

Would you like more information? Visit the Directa website.

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