Online Trading

The banks belonging to Cassa Centrale Banca can offer their clients online trading transactions through the Group's instrumental company called Centrale Trading with the technological support of Directa SIM. 

Directa was the first Italian SIM to allow online trading transactions to clients and for over 20 years now it has been offering the most advanced technology and the most competitive commissions.  Online trading is easy and transparent: for each transaction, Directa provides the informational note with a complete history; for each executed transaction, it promptly recalculates the fiscal position and updates daily performance; the availability always remains on a dedicated account with the bank and it is possible to request online, at any time, the transfer to an ordinary current account.

The Centrale Trading website is designed to support banks that already operate with the Directa SIM online trading service.

Banks that wish to activate the service can directly ask for information by contacting

Digital Banking Solution
Reserved area Centrale Trading.

Advertising message for promotional purposes. The contractual conditions are indicated in the Information Sheets made available to the public at the bank branches and in the "Transparency" section of the website.