Consumer Credit

Prestipay Personal Loans

Prestipay Personal Loans

Prestipay S.p.A. is the Company created to meet the credit access needs of customer families and private customers of the Banks of the Cassa Centrale Banca - Credito Cooperativo Italiano S.p.A.

Through the Prestipay brand, it offers customer families credit products made according to the principles of transparency and sustainability, favoring a responsible and aware approach to credit

It is possible to request Prestipay financing solutions at the over 1,500 branches of the Group's mutual banks or 100% online through the portal.

Find out more visit PrestiPay.

Advertising message for promotional purposes. The contractual and economic conditions of Prestipay products are indicated in the document Basic European Information on Consumer Credit (so-called IEBCC), provided to the customer before the signing of the contract, available on the website and at the branches of the placing banks. The granting of the loan is subject to evaluation and approval by Prestipay S.p.A. after ascertaining the requisites necessary for the applicant. Prestipay is a brand of Cassa Centrale Banca.