Claris Leasing offers companies a wide range of leases.

The advantages of leasing:

  • Immediate availability of the asset in question, through the periodic payment of pre-determined lease fees, without the obligation to amortise the whole cash sum immediately;
  • Direct choice of the asset from a trusted supplier;
  • Financing of up to 100% of the value of the asset;
  • Greater contractual force with the supplier, who has the guarantee of being paid directly by Claris Leasing;
  • Fractioning of VAT over time;
  • Streamlined and fast examination of the operation compared to other forms of financing;
  • Realisation of the operation on the basis of the client’s needs in terms of duration, frequency of payments and redemption option;
  • Deductibility of the lease fees, with faster amortisation of the asset compared to the ordinary amortisation allowed in the case of direct purchase;
  • Possibility of keeping unaltered the ability to access other forms of financing;
  • Eventual access to all the main national and EU incentives.

The main solutions designed for a tailored lease:

  • Vehicle leasing
  • Industrial vehicle leasing
  • Equipment leasing
  • Real estate leasing
  • Renewable energy leasing
  • Aircraft/ship leasing
  • Subsidised leasing.

A team of specialist consultants provides the chance to be able to choose the most advantageous solution from among the numerous integrated products available for investments.

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