Structured Finance and Corporate Finance


Thanks to a distinctive skillset gained over years of qualified experience, our Structured Finance team actively collaborates with Corporate Managers and BCC-CR members of the Banking Group to support large companies and SMEs in the realisation of strategic growth projects, the definition of more sound financial structures, and the restructuring of businesses or evolutionary corporate governance processes.

The Unit structures and manages syndicated loan transactions (pool or club deals) and coordinates debt distribution and the placement process with participating banks. It also assumes the role of Agent Bank, guaranteeing independence and best execution in compliance with the commitments and covenants provided for in the loan agreement.

The team financially assists and supports companies facing extraordinary corporate operations, such as:

  • Mergers and acquisitions and leveraged buy-outs to support the process of generational transfers, acquisitions and/or aggregations;
  • Project financing and public-private partnerships;
  • Other Corporate Structured Finance transactions:  Commercial Real Estate, financial support for long-term investment plans and corporate renewal phases.

It also assists companies operating in regulated industries:

  • Public transport;
  • Integrated water services,
  • Gas distribution;
  • Waste disposal.

And in all facets of the Renewable Energy sector:

  • Biomass and Advanced Bio methane;
  • OFMSW (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste);
  • Wind farms;
  • Hydroelectric plants;
  • Solar parks;
  • Energy saving in buildings and public lighting.

Advertising message for promotional purposes. The economic conditions are indicated in the Information Sheets made available to the public at the bank branches and in the "Transparency" section of the website. The granting of the loan is left to the discretion of the bank upon verification of the requisites required by the applicant.