Support for internationalisation


Cassa Centrale Banca provides its partner banks with support for import/export activities to be offered to clients operating in foreign markets.

  • international payments: transfer of money anywhere in the world thanks to relationships with the world's leading banks
  • documentary collection of money: complete management of import and export formalities
  • documentary credits: management of export documentary credits, opening and management of import documentary credits
  • international guarantees: notification and management of active and passive guarantees related to foreign trade transactions
  • support for transactions with foreign counterparties: granting of import and export financing
  • medium/long-term loans: structuring of ordinary and extraordinary transactions connected with the development of foreign markets.
  • support in consulting and training activities


Advertising message for promotional purposes. The contractual conditions are indicated in the Information Sheets made available to the public at the bank branches and in the "Transparency" section of the website.