Certificates product

Certificates are innovative financial instruments that incorporate one or more derivatives in a single structure.

They make it possible to invest in multiple markets of interest and implement countless strategies, ranging from simple passive investments based of the performance of the underlying asset, to more complex solutions that would otherwise be difficult for a single investor to execute. Depending on the type of Certificate, the invested capital can be totally guaranteed at maturity (protected capital) or only conditionally. In this case, the potential loss of the investor is equal to the loss that would have resulted from investing directly in the underlying asset.

This instrument enables investments in a range of underlying assets (shares, indexes, raw materials, currencies, interest rates), thus eliminating direct charges for the investor.

The Certificates placed by Cassa Centrale Banca are liquid instruments, traded on regulated exchanges. This means constant monitoring of the value of the instrument and possible divestment even before the natural maturity of the product.

The Certificates are structured by leading market counterparties who, in collaboration with Cassa Centrale Banca, identify the characteristics and create the most suitable product for the market context. The underlying assets selected are predominantly known stocks and indexes, while the structures implemented are easy to understand, in order to best facilitate the choice of products by investors.

Advertising message. This is an advertisement for promotional purposes and does not constitute either an offer or an invitation to invest in Certificates, or financial advice or investment recommendation. Before purchasing Certificates, it is necessary to read carefully the documentation prepared by the issuer in order to gather all pieces of information on the characteristics of Certificates, especially with reference to costs and risk factors. This documentation is available at the branches of placement banks. Certificates are not a suitable investment for all investors. Since Certificates are derivative financial instruments, their value depends on the performance of the underlying asset and therefore they are "risky" as they are capable of determining the loss, even total, of the capital invested. Before purchasing Certificates, investors are required to understand their characteristics , all the risk factors indicated in the issuer's documentation and the related costs for assessing, also through their own tax, legal and financial advisors, whether or not the product is in line with their own risk profile and investment objective. Decisions to invest in Certificates will be at the investor's sole discretion and the consequences of any losses arising from the investment will affect the investor only. Certificates may only be subscribed for, purchased or sold at the branches of the placement banks. The offer and sale of Certificates are subject to restrictions in certain States or for residents of certain States.