Bancomat Pay

BANCOMAT Pay® is the payment system that lets you transfer money in real time for free with other registered telephone contacts in a simple, fast and safe way.

With BANCOMAT Pay® you can:

  • send money or request payment from a telephone contact (P2P);
  • pay at affiliated stores using the BANCOMAT Pay® APP or framing the QR code shown by the operator;
  • make payments online and to the Public Administration, confirming the push notification sent to your smartphone.
  • login to websites with BANCOMAT Pay®
  • enable the Direct Debit Service
  • and much more

The service is available everywhere, 24/7: transfers are instant and funds are made immediately available to the beneficiary.

Download the guide (Italian version) for activation and the main functions.

Download the BANCOMAT Pay® APP from Google Play or App Store or AppGallery and complete the service activation process by logging in to the website