BANCOMAT Pay® Business

BANCOMAT Pay® Business

BANCOMATPay® Business is a digital service which allows you to accept payments simply, swiftly and safely via smartphone, either by scanning the QR code or by accepting the push notifications of payments generated by your customers.

How to activate the BANCOMAT Pay® Business?

  • Download the BANCOMAT Pay® Business app
  • Insert your mobile telephone number and confirm it by inserting the OTP sent to you via SMS
  • Insert your BANCOMAT Pay®merchant category code
  • Select the sales point for which you wish to activate the service
  • Access your Inbank account and activate the service by scanning the QR code generated on the app

Once you have enabled the service, you can simultaneously activate it on all your devices and directly access the required function on the BANCOMAT Pay® Business app.



How to collect payments?

There are three ways:

  • Type in the amount due in order to generate a QR code that your customer can then scan via the BANCOMAT Pay® app and proceed with payment
  • Your customer can activate payment in a number of ways (text search, geolocation or by scanning the static QR code); you will receive a payment notification that you can either accept or refuse.
  • Type in the amount due in order to generate a payment request to be sent to your customer via the “request payment” function.

Accepting payments has never been so fast and safe.

Contact your bank to activate BANCOMAT Pay®.


Advertising message for promotional purposes. Conditions of the contract are contained in the information sheets of the POS merchant products available to the public at all branches of the bank and in the "Transparency" section of the website “Trasparenza” del sito internet.