Prepaid Cards

carte prepagate


Ricarica is the rechargeable prepaid card that does not require a bank account. With Ricarica, you can make online purchases without having to worry, withdraw money and make payments, both in Italy and abroad.

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Ricarica EVO

Ricarica EVO is an evolved version of the prepaid card, a new generation card-account. Equipped with an IBAN code, it enables all main banking transactions without having to open a current account, such as sending and receiving bank transfers, crediting salaries and paying bills and utilities via direct debit.

oraomaipiù (oom+)

oraomaipiù (oom+) is our prepaid card dedicated to young people aged 11 to 18. All-in-one: oom+ is a debit, credit and prepaid card that can be used in Italy, abroad and online .

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Manage your card
You can manage the card at any time from the Inbank web and from the Inbank app.
carte prepagate
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