Secure and contactless purchases

What is a Wallet?

A wallet allows you to pay in stores, online or in apps, with just a simple movement or touch of your smartphone.
The wallet securely stores virtual versions of your debit, credit and prepaid cards, so you do not need to enter the details of your card or carry it with you.

How can you download your wallet?

Setting up a wallet is easy and usually takes a few minutes. Download the app of your choice, enter your debit, credit or prepaid card details, and you are ready to pay directly with your smartphone.

Which cards can you use to pay through Wallet?

You can use the wallets with any enabled and compatible smartphone by linking one or more of the following debit and prepaid cards.

Our Cards

Carta di debito
Carta Universicard
Carta Ricarica
Carta Ricarica Evo
Carta OOM+

Nexi and American Express credit cards

Samsung Pay is the app that allows you to pay simply, quickly and securely in stores

How can you activate Samsung Pay?

You can register your debit, credit and prepaid cards with Samsung Pay:

Google Pay is the simplest and fastest way to pay everywhere: contactless in stores, or with a few clicks in apps and on the web.

How can you activate Google Pay?

You can register your debit, credit and prepaid cards with Google Pay:

Promotional advertising. For the full list of supported devices and information on how to activate and use the wallets, please refer to the website of the individual wallets (Samsung Pay – Google Pay – Apple pay). For more information, please refer to the payment card fact sheets available at the bank's branches and website.