2022-2025 Sustainability Plan

Our path to Sustainability

Aware of how important it is to pursue sustainable development and guided by the cooperative values we are known for, our goal is to guarantee the transition of all the Communities and Territories we operate in to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Our path


When defining our approach to Sustainability, we chose to develop a path consistent
our nature as a Cooperative Banking Group and the Sustainable Development Goals
set by the UN Agenda 2030.


Along the path we have taken, “Sustainabilitymeans:



ensuring prudent and balanced management to continue fulfilling our role of serving the local Communities in which we operate.


Cooperative Credit

enhancing our first-hand knowledge and privileged relationship with cooperating members, resulting from our deep territorial roots as local banks.



combining the autonomy of our banks with the economies of scale and synergies that derive from being a cooperative banking group.

Given the central role of sustainability in our relationship with stakeholders, we prepared the 2022 – 2025 Sustainability Plan, defining and integrating new project areas on the basis of regulatory, strategic and organisational developments and the evolution of the market context.


The Plan is updated annually, and interim progress monitoring is carried out where possible.

Evolution of the previous sustainability plan

The 2022 – 2025 Sustainability Plan, compared to the previous one, is characterised by:

  • project classification under 4 new areas: Environment; Community, Members and Customers; Governance Strategy and ESG Reporting; and Collaborators;
  • the activation of integration with the ESG Committee set up by the Parent Company;
  • content supplemented on the basis of main regulatory and strategic drivers and on the basis of new market trends;
  • individual plan initiatives linked to the reference Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and E, S, G areas
    (Environmental, Social, Governance).


2021-2024 Sustainability Plan



We are committed to spreading a culture of sustainability and promoting concrete initiatives to reduce environmental impacts.

We have set ourselves the goal of:

  • promoting credit instruments that are functional to mitigating climate change;
  • reducing emissions and promoting energy efficiency.


Community, Members and Customers

Our connection and commitment to the Community, Members and Customers underlie our daily actions, which are guided by professional and responsible conduct.

We serve the Territories in which we operate, paying special attention to the Third Sector and undertaking to offer sustainable products.

Our actions aim to raise awareness of the values of sustainability and the identity that defines us among all of our shareholders.



Governance, Strategy and ESG reporting

We are committed to guaranteeing suitable ESG safeguards within our organisation by strengthening strategic governance, promoting sustainable business development and ensuring clear and transparent reporting.

We have undertaken many actions, which include:

  • updating and monitoring the Sustainability Plan in line with our Strategic Plan;
  • encouraging the evolution of reporting, also by affiliated banks;
  • strengthening our governance system and organisational model for overseeing ESG areas, including the reduction of climate risks.




We develop our Collaborators’ potential through an increasingly extensive training offer that enhances their skills at all levels. We guarantee welfare services, work-life balance tools, social security and health and safety protection for our Collaborators.

The goals we have set include:

  • the development of important social initiatives and a commitment to ensure the circulation of good practices at our affiliated banks;
  • promoting awareness of asset management, insurance and pension protection instruments.