Inbank: the technology that is transforming banking, chosen by 86 banks, with over 1.3 million active customers

Inbank: the technology that is transforming banking, chosen by 86 banks, with over 1.3 million active customers


Trento, 23 November 2023 - Inbank consolidates its prominent position in the banking sector. The home banking service managed by Allitude, the IT and Services company of the Cassa Centrale Group, is now used by 86 Banks and serves more than 1.3 million customers.

The advent of home banking has truly revolutionised how customers interact with their banks. For cooperative credit banks, this transformation can be credited to the widely recognised tool Inbank, which paved the way for people to carry out major banking transactions remotely.

Established in the mid-nineties and known as Inbank since 1998, this service is designed to meet the needs of increasingly demanding, attentive and sophisticated customers. The tool has steadily evolved over time, guided by the pillars of technological development, transaction and customer data security, and graphics and usability.

In the last four years, in addition to being adopted by all the banks of the Cassa Centrale Group, Allitude's Inbank has become increasingly popular among various customer banks outside the Group (cooperative banks, savings banks, private banks).

In particular, the mobile app channel has recorded sustained growth: between 2019 and 2023, monthly accesses almost tripled from 4.2 million to over 16.5 million. Achieving this result was not only influenced by a shift in customer habits but also owed much to functional improvements introduced in the last two years. Users particularly appreciate features such as instant bank transfers and CBILL payments with QR code reading.

From an operational point of view, it is important to note that a large proportion of all bank transfers are now handled via the Inbank platform. Notably, in the last four years there has been a five-fold increase in the number of bank transfers made through apps, proof of the growing user need to perform banking transactions quickly and instantly via smartphone.

In addition to technological innovation, Inbank also embraces environmental sustainability. The service has revolutionised the management of bank documents, allowing customers to receive them in electronic format, with significant environmental implications. In 2022 alone, through its various functions, Inbank avoided printing almost 49 million documents, saving over 94 million sheets of paper.

“As part of the Cassa Centrale Group, we're planning to invest over EUR 170 million in ICT to support the technological transformation and digital transition of our Banks," stated Manuele Margini, Chief Information Officer of Cassa Centrale Banca and Chief Executive Officer of Allitude. "We are working to make banking and financial services more accessible, making the world of banks more open and inclusive, within everyone's reach. Inbank's continuous improvement allows us not only to digitise the customer experience, but also to make a real contribution to reducing the banking sector's carbon footprint.”

“Our approach to evolution," explained Paolo Sacco, Chief Operating Officer of Cassa Centrale Banca. " involves seeing digital as a means and not the end, where relationships remain at the core of customer care development. However, given the evolving digital mindset of customers, it is crucial to provide access to the channels they feel the need for, alongside personalised relations and advice. Throughout this process, using Inbank as the preferred channel, we strive to improve the satisfaction of our current customers and drive the acquisition of new customers, including from the younger age groups.”